Ultra Violet (UV) LEDs

Global Manufacturing Services has recently completed assembly work on a UV LED circuit board project. LED technology continues its' evolution. What once was a simple indicator light on equipment control panels, is now being utilized for indoor and outdoor lighting, accent lighting, and specialty lighting fixtures, like Grow Lights. The latest innovation in LED use is UV LEDs for curing and germicidal uses. The UVA wavelength LEDs quickly cure liquid sealants and cements, while the UVB wavelength LEDs act as a germicidal UV light,  They are being used for sterilization and can eliminate the need for harmful germicidal chemicals. Germicidal UVB LEDs are in the early stages of development and are less efficient, but they present a huge opportunity for LED manufacturers, their contract assembly houses, as well as hospitals, physicians offices, daycares, office buildings, and eventually households. We look forward to continuing our support of these emerging technologies.