Overseas EMS Production Program

Our program is designed to improve your overseas manufacturing experience and provide you peace of mind by combining the convenience of sourcing through a domestic manufacturer with the costs savings of a high-volume, high-speed overseas production facility.  For two decades we have enjoyed a trusted relationship with our overseas partner, which allows us to deliver the costs savings you expect while eliminating most of the challenges you face when working with an overseas manufacturer. Our goal is to add value by eliminating the hassle and added internal costs of managing your offshore POs.  We eliminate many of the hurdles encountered when sourcing overseas production, and our overseas partner exemplifies the GLOBAL Culture of integrity, respect, quality, innovation, value, excellent customer service, and continuous improvement.

Contact us, share a little about your needs and let us explore ways to support your efforts. We believe you will benefit from the advantages of our program. 

Program benefits

  • A trusted 20-year offshore partnership
  • Ease of Communication (we handle the delivery of information and all late-night conference calls)
  • Competitive pricing (no added fees) 
  • Reduces administrative and management costs 
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Supply chain, production and logistics management
  • Domestic responsibility for your product 
  • Domestic Financial Transactions with standard payment terms (no advanced payment requirements for qualifying customers).
  • Domestic Legal protections and recourse
  • And many other immeasurable advantages

CONTACT US and let us apply our GLOBAL Advantage program to your next project.

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