OEM Production Support


Global Manufacturing is a contract manufacturer offering electronic manufacturing services (EMS) in multiple industries. LED light manufacturing is one area in which we excel. Our specialized equipment and a creative approach to printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) enables us to place more than 1 million components per month.



Agility and responsiveness – most electronic manufacturing service providers set up lines of equipment connected with conveyors, where bare boards enter the line pre-stencil printing, where the board moves from station to station, completing the assembly, inspection, and testing processes. This production set up works great for high-volume production runs, but it is inefficient and costly when producing prototypes or shorter runs. When you complete the production run, you have to break down the entire line, parts inventoried, put away, and then the whole line is set up and programmed for the next job. 


We have all heard these famous words, "This is how we have always done it!"  The Global team has chosen to innovate and improve production processes meeting domestic partners' needs.


The "Old School" method of production extends change-over time, increases line downtime, and inhibits production schedule flexibility. They cannot stop production, put on a new job, break everything down, and then go back to the previous project without adding high costs to the run.  


Our production facility design promotes maximum flexibility, no lines, just stand-alone pieces of high-speed equipment, ready to change jobs without prolonged tear-down and set-up delays. We are incredibly competitive on high-volume, and our unique design enables us to excel in short-run projects and prototypes. 


Case study – one of our larger consignment customers often has unexpected spikes in product demand. Weekly, we review their needs, and we work to move hot products into production. We often get these "hot" projects on the production floor within hours of receiving the kit, and we regularly ship first releases within 24 hours. Our customers tell us this is unheard of in our industry, and they typically experience production lead times six to twelve weeks. We offer turn-key services with lead times between two and four weeks. 


QUALITY - We are ISO 9001-2015 compliant, which is the most up-to-date ISO program for our industry.


In closing, we hope you will allow us to earn your trust and your business.