The Importance of High-Magnification X-Ray Capability

In the technological race to provide added capability in smaller and smaller devices, OEMs push the capabilities of electronic sub-assembly manufacturers. As product development becomes more challenging OEMs have to find resources that help them develop and test working prototypes while they push the limits of manufacturing. One tool that is critical to the process is High-Magnification X-ray equipment that enables developers to see traces, connections, and solder joints that are no longer visible with simple magnification.

Surface Mount Devices (SMDs) are so small, it’s difficult to see many of the components themselves, and their connections are often under the device, shielding it from view.  When failures occur, x-ray magnification is a remarkable tool allowing technicians to verify component placement, solder and trace connections, and in most cases, identify the source of the failure, i.e. a component failure, board failure, or solder failure. Aided by x-ray, engineers can determine the best course of action to correct the issue and establish procedures that maximize production efficiency and product functionally.

Global Manufacturing Services enjoys partnering with its’ customers and assisting with the challenge of developing high-quality, dependable product components, and standard production procedures that protect the product and please end users.  Our High-Magnification X-ray equipment is one more example of how we employ the GLOBAL Culture of integrity, respect, quality, innovation, value, excellent customer service, and continuous improvement, on behalf of our customers.