Andria Keith Robbins is the new President and CEO.  She knows the business inside and out.  After all; she has been doing this for most of her adult life.

Arlie Keith is the founder and former President of GMS.  While he is semi-retired; he now serves as consultant and advisor to Andria.

Lynna Greer is Chief Financial Officer. The business' finances are in competent hands with Lynna.  She keeps a tight grip on all the company's resources.

Lisa Carrico is Production Manager.  Lisa keeps the pedal to the metal, guards the quality and keeps her production employees working on the 'right stuff'.

Dan Roth is our Quality Assurance Manager. Dan has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and manages the Quality Department as well as many other duties,  

Keshia Burchette, Purchasing Manager, making sure our production team has what they need before they need it!

Brandi Segraves holds down the front desk and handles customer inquiries, order entries and other duties as assigned. Talk to Brandi; she will find the staff or production person with whom you wish to speak.

Bobby Caddell is Global Manufacturing' s Business Development Manager.  Bobby tailors our messaging, so our culture and capabilities are evident to our current and future customers. He is most interested in developing relationships and partnerships with organizations that need manufacturing support. Bobby understands how to nurture customer relationship with honesty and integrity. Give Bobby a call at 336 246 5143. He is worth getting to know.


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