Global Impact - Carbon Emission Reduction

Most companies in developed countries are interested in being good global citizens, and they understand the importance of reducing their carbon footprint. Many go so far as to seek out and partner with suppliers that share their values. As a contract electronics manufacturer, our organization seeks and supports companies and technologies that aim to reduce carbon emissions.

About 48% of the carbon emissions in the world, come from the production of electricity, and lighting uses 20% of the electricity produced. Annually, the carbon emissions from the average household are nearly 7 tons for lighting alone, and our organization sees this as an opportunity to make a difference.  

More than ten years ago, Global Manufacturing began focusing on solid-state lighting manufacturing (LED Lighting). Our goal was to become experts, so our impact on carbon emission reduction could reach far beyond our facility. We manufacture LED lighting products that are sold all over the globe. Studies have shown that average annual household carbon emissions can be reduced by more than 6 tons through the use of LED lighting. Imagine the impact LED lighting will have as more and more homes convert to this technology.   

While humankind works diligently to develop new, more efficient technologies, LED lighting is the current "low hanging fruit," and we are proud to provide products that can make such a difference in the world.